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Nov 22
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Magi Kink Meme
Nov 22
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Magi doujinshi masterlist

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Apr 17
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Magi 30 Days Challenge

Since a lot of people asked me this, I’m going to post it here so you can find it easily!
This one was made by me, so I’m sorry if it is not that good ^^’ 

Day 1: Favourite male character.
Day 2: Favourite female character.
Day 3: A male character you don’t like.
Day 4: A female character you don’t like.
Day 5: Favourite shounen’ai pairing.
Day 6: Favourite het pairing.
Day 7: Least favourite shounen’ai pairing.
Day 8: Least favourite het pairing.
Day 9: Favourite friendship.
Day 10: Favourite manga cover.
Day 11: Favourite chapter.
Day 12: Favourite fight.
Day 13: A scene that made you happy.
Day 14: A scene that made you angry.
Day 15: A scene that made you sad.
Day 16: Most epic moment.
Day 17: Funniest scene.
Day 18: Something that didn’t happen that you wish did.
Day 19: Best Face.
Day 20: Your favourite weapon/object/thing.
Day 21: Favourite Jinn.
Day 22: Your favourite villain
Day 23: Favourite minor character.
Day 24: A Character you feel you are most like.
Day 25: A Character you would like to spit in the face.
Day 26: A Character you would like to give a hug.
Day 27: A Character you would like to know more.
Day 28: A character you would love to cosplay.
Day 29: Favourite line/quote.
Day 30: Why do you love Magi?

Apr 07
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Magi Roleplayer on Tumblr:

If I’ve forgotten your blog, or you want to add/remove it to/from this list, please tell me~

Apr 06
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Sites/other blogs about Magi


( Please note that some informations might not be uploaded to the latest chapters.
ex: Yamuraiha is not part of a Royal family, but as it was revealed in chapter 117, she is just a student from Magnoshtat Academy. )





Tell me if you have other sites to add! (and tell me if you don’t want your blog in this list) 

Apr 06
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Magi blogs on tumblr

This is a list of blogs about Magi on tumblr (NOT ASK OR RP! There is another list for them. )



Tell me if you have other blogs to add! (and tell me if you don’t want your blog in this list)

Apr 06
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#2: Translations of Magi extras and Ohtaka's tegaki/blog


As the majority of you already know, Shinobu Ohtaka has a tegaki account in which she posts short comics or things she couldn’t explain in the main story.

In websunday (the official site of Shonen Sunday) there is a blog for Shinobu Ohtaka.
Every tuesday (the day before the new Shonen Sunday is out, and so the day before a new Magi chapter is out) she makes a new entry and posts an illustration/pics. 
If a week there is no Magi chapter in the new issue of Shonen Sunday, there also won’t be a new blog post.
Aoi is translating Ohtaka’s blog entries here.

Translations masterlist:
N.B. : I’m not the one who made this translations! This is just a list to make looking for these easier. I will update this list when a new translation will be out, but if you have other things to add please tell me and I’ll add it!

Wow, this was surely long! My next post will probably be about the blog/archive for these posts xD I’m working on the description now!
(and, as always, forgive me if my grammar fails)

Apr 03
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#1: Where can I find Magi raws/translations?


Ok, so this is the first thing.

  1. English Chapters: As you already know, Magi is translated by Sense Scans.
    You can read it on mangafox, but in my opinion it is better to read the chapters on Sense Scans’s online reader.
    Here you can download the translated chapters.
  2. English Translations: You can read them here. Aegon’s translations are up to the last chapter released in Japan. Sometimes his translations are out even before the Japanese raw is out in the forum I’m going to link you now.
  3. Japanese raws: The best is jcafe. It is the only place I know in which they post the raws of the newest chapters, and I’m very grateful to them. In order to see the download links, you need to register and to do at least one post.
    Of course, there are other places in which are posted the Japanese volumes (like rawscans), but since now I have never seen Raw chapters in any other forum.
  4. Chinese raws: Magi is published on Shonen Sunday every wednesday. Chinese translations are very fast and most of them are also out on wednesday!
    These are some online reader ( here or here); anyway you just need to put ”魔笛MAGI” on your google search and you will find a lot of chinese sites in which you can see chapters.
    Baidu is a very helpful place too.

Uff, it was longer than what I expected… I hope it was useful! I’m also working on the Magi blog in order to make easier for everyone to find these posts!